Daily Archives: January 31, 2022

Claudio Consul – up to 56 in the WAGR (World Amatuer Golf Ranking)

Quite remarkable that our very own OW golfer is now ranked 56 in the World in terms of Amateur Golfers… http://www.wagr.com/en/Ranking/Player.aspx?playerid=23325&ismens=True the highlight being a recent 3rd placed finish in the Gut Bissenmoor Classic where he started with a 6 under par 65. ÊÊhttp://www.pga.de/epd_en_news/items/claudio-consul-against-the-pros.html I am sure we all wish him fantastic success over the next few months…

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Golf Quarterly – A Plug!

To those of you that don’t subscribe, I can whole heartedly recommend Golf Quarterly as a fine addition to your golf journal collection. Aimed more at the more genteel side of the golfing world, it is amusing and often features tales, anecdotes, quizzes and profiles that are often very close to home. So much so, that there is a decent…

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OWGS vs Aldeburgh 15 September 2018

A message from James Dinwiddy. Please contact him atÊJames-Dinwiddy@birketts.co.uk if you are able to play in the match at Aldeburgh on 15th September. Many thanks… ———————————— Dear All. Please may I have volunteers for this year’s match against Aldeburgh on Saturday 15 September. As well as the old favourites it would be lovely to have some new blood this year,…

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