OWGS Newsletter – January 2023

After a couple of tricky years, I am delighted to report on a “return to normal” for OWGS in 2022. An ever burgeoning fixture list saw more OW golfers than ever in action for the Society. While the elite teams were not quite back to their imperious bests, the enjoyment of social golf and conviviality/camaraderie around matches certainly were.

Fuller details of the competitive outings are set out below, but I would just flag here how wonderful it has been to see so many OW golfers out and about in 2022.

As usual thank you to all of the match managers for their time and trouble in fostering links with clubs and societies who look forward to our fixtures and are genuinely pleased to see us back.  OWGS is very fortunate to have a flourishing fixture list and a growing band of OWs who are happy to travel the length and breadth of the country for the pleasure of a day’s golf in highly convivial company.

We are also fortunate to preserve a fixture list which has a good balance between weekday and weekend fixtures, which hopefully recognises the different commitments that we all have at different times of our lives/careers and provides opportunities for all.  This year we are lucky to have further events in the calendar as OWGS celebrates its Centenary. Not only are there additional days out at Royal St. George’s (27th-29th April) and Aldeburgh (15th September) alongside the ever popular Summer meeting at The Berkshire (30th June) where in 2022 a field of over 40 players enjoyed 36 holes and lunch. You will note that there is more than suitable carrot to reward good play – both scratch and off handicap with some “once in a lifetime” prizes available courtesy of the President and Captain (for more information please see attached flyer). As ever, the Society is keen to help provide subsidies to those that need them; so I would urge you to contact match managers well ahead of time to book your slots and to continue to support these matches.

In addition, we are always keen to bring additional matches into the fixture list no matter how formal or informal. The Society can help raise players, subsidise the youth and help aspiring match managers get from a conversation to a permanent fixture. We now have literally hundreds of members and cannot always satisfy the demand.

While on the subject of thanks, can I offer mine – and yours – to Nick Holt, OWGS’s Hon Secretary, for maintaining the website, organising the Gerald Micklem Trophy, arranging the fixture list, chivvying match managers and keeping the cogs of OWGS well-oiled and functioning.  Worth noting at this stage that the OWGS website has had a much needed rebuild. The fixture list, newsletters and additional info can be found at https://owgs.info/fixture-list/

Likewise to James Whittington, ever-reliable OWGS Treasurer (and axe-wielder) and to our President, David Bonsall, a stalwart of OWGS and author of a magnificent new book to mark the society’s centenary – again, further details to follow, but we can doubtless be assured of a page turner that one struggles to put down, rather than a page burner which one struggles to pick up!

For those that enjoy following the society, we have an instagram (@oldwykehamistgs) account. This does go somewhat quiet during the winter but we will keep it populated once the season gets going. If you would like to share society or OW golf related news then please feel free to pass on stories to Nick.

Finally, at this time, I am delighted to hand over the captaincy baton to Anthony Goodrich for 2023/2024. As many of you will be aware, Anthony is a fine man and fine golfer, with a distinguished list of former captaincies in amateur golf. He will doubtless be a fitting ambassador for our Centenary Year and beyond

With best wishes for continued success to OWGS on and off the links and I look forward to seeing you in 2023.

Yours, Charlie Hewetson

OWGS Captain : 2020-2022



Match Results – where records have been sent on!


OWGS v Royal West Norfolk Golf Club. OWGS win 9 – 4

Team of Andrew Tusa, James Walters, George Close-Brooks, Mark Coulman, Paddy Dear, Charles Dinwiddy, James Dinwiddy


After a 4-3 deficit at lunch, OWGS rallied for a clean sweep in the afternoon to win 9-4


OWGS v Old Bradfieldians. – Match halved 6-6


Team of George Close-Brooks, Sergej Stojiljkovic, Nick Holt, Jay Varkey, Ben Twiney, Jack Keating, James Cameron, Tim Lewis, Aravinda Neuman, Will Townsend


OWGS vs WinColl at Woking – Result : 3.5 – 2.5 LOSS

Team included Nick Holt, Tim Rowan-Robinson, Tim Lewis


Captain’s Weekend – Royal St. Georges on Saturday and Royal Cinque Ports on Sunday

Winners are Nick Holt and Charlie Hewetson


Halford Hewitt – Lost in the 1st Round to Bedford

Team of Claudio Consul & Dino Varkey (won 4/2); Nick Holt & Jack Keating (won 1 hole); Ben Twiney & Christian Portz (loss 20th); Tom Hawkings & Jay Varkey (loss); Tim Lewis & James Cameron (loss)


OWGS v Huntercombe – Match halved

Team of David Bonsall, Nyren Scott-Malden, Chris Fell, Tony Fisher, Dayrell McArthur, Richard Myrtle, James Lawden and Colin Scott-Malden


OWGS v Rye – OWGS win 6-2

Team of Johnny Pringle and Tristan Hanson, James Alexander and Jack Thomson, Andrew Tusa and Christopher Cornell, David Ham and Huw Humphreys


Notable for a morning whitewash and a reverse talking to from skipper Huw Humphreys allowed the home team a couple of points in the afternoon!


Dick Watson Trophy (Aldeburgh) – 3rd


Team of James Dinwiddy, Johnny Pringle, Charlie Hewetson and David Wybar / Charles Dinwiddy filling the 4th slot


Notable for James Dinwiddy’s hole in one on the 15th in a comeback from 6 down to win 5 holes and nick 3rd place


Aldington Match – Winchester College 7 : OWGS 5


Team of Ben Twiney, Tony Francis, Johnny Pringle, Richard Sanders, Will Morse, David Bonsall, Colin Scott Malden, Toby Stubbs, Simon Shuttleworth


Notable for a first loss to WinColl in many years. In some ways lamented, in many others to be celebrated as the school were able to roll 4 players with sub-5 handicaps. An excellent event with dinner in the Warden’s lodge.


OWGS vs Royal Worlington and Newmarket Golf Club – OWGS lost 4-1


Team of Phil Davy, Tim Rowan Robinson, Jeremy Davidson, Tony Fisher, John Pringle, John Roskill , Charles Dinwiddy, David Bonsall and James Dinwiddy


OWGS v Aldeburgh – OWGS lost 5.5 – 3.5


OWGS v Old Blundellian – OWGS won 2 – 1