Players Required – OWGS v Old Etonians at Rye – Saturday 1st October

Match Manager, Toby Stubbs, writes…

Whilst I donÕt expect you to emulate the extraordinary feats of Mr Stenson at Troon, I do hope that you may be able to join the OW team to take on the Old Etonians at another fabulous links course.

I am trying to raise a team of ten for two rounds of foursomes at Rye on Saturday 1st October, and Êwe will aim to start at 9.00am.

Do let me know if you would like to play,

Regards,ÊToby Ê – ÊÊ

Please contact Toby if you are able to make the match. Sadly many people have failed to reply to his email asking for players… a growing trend. Please have a look at your diaries and try and find the time to support these fantastic matches.