OWGS v Old Blundellians

The annual match between OWGS and Old Blundellians was held in pleasant conditions at Bristol and Clifton Golf Club on Thursday 18th July.

Despite the concerns of the match manager,a team of 9 Old Wykehamists and one father of an Old Wykehamist presented themselves by-and-large on time against a team of 9 Old Blundellians and one member of Bristol and Clifton Golf Club,the opposing match manager having been let down by two of his team at the last minute.

A close encounter ensued in which the Old Blundellians prevailed by 3 matches to 2 though the OWs did win their matches comfortably.It would be embarrassing for the OW match manager to report on his own match, but suffice to write that one of his opponents had left school before the match manager was born!!

After a pleasant lunch the teams agreed to do battle at Hockley in 2020 and return to Bristol and Clifton in 2021 after that Club has held the Carris Trophy.