OWGS – WhatsApp Group

All, we are seeking additional players for the above match on Sunday 12th May

18 holes of foursomes in the morning. Afternoon tends to be reduced numbers depending on how keen everyone is.

If you can make it then please contact Colin Scott-Malden . colin@scottmalden.plus.com

Every year David Wybar has been running a live email update of WinchesterÕs progress (or not) at the Hewitt. This year the medium will be shifting to a WhattsApp Group… easier to use and less data

The posts will only be provided by a select group (Wybar & Tusa) so you will not be subjected to a mass Òreply to allÓ on your phone notifications!

If you are wanting to follow then please click on the link below


The team have arrived at Sandwich and have “enjoyed” a very windy, cold practice round today… ready for the off on Friday