OWGS win the Alba Trophy

The OWGS team of Tom Hawkings and Nick Holt were victorious at the Alba Trophy on Saturday 8th June. This is the first time that the OWGS had won the trophy – note not the first OWs as Paddy Buckley has won the event several times playing for Woking.

In blustery conditions on a tough course setup, we put together a 77 in the morning followed by a 76 in the afternoon.

There were 4 teams that had 77 in the morning and when we heard that Malvern had shot 75 in the afternoon, Nick slipped off home to put kids in the bath. Fortunately, Malvern’s maths was corrected (before the card was submitted) and an urgent call was made to reconvene the team, moments before Nick got onto the M25. A quick rush back, change of shoes and a sudden death playoff down the 18th. We will quickly move on from the details of a fairly messy affair but needless to say, a knee knocking three footer was rolled in to claim the victory at the first extra hole!

Details can be found here https://www.wokinggolfclub.co.uk/news.php?newsitem=20