OWGS – The Aldington Match Weekend…

A successful weekend overall with a good dinner and Tusa telling some tales from the HH to inspire us all. Results as below:

Singles (under handicap) Saturday pm

David Bonsall 0 v Olly Dickman 1 (2/1) Ð Olly round in gross 71 on a windy day off back tees, DCB fighting hard!

Ben TwineyÊ 0 v Will Townsend 1 (2 up) Ð Will leading then Ben had 3 birdies to keep it going

Andrew Tusa 0 v James Brockman 1 (1 up) Ð James back in level par

John Cruickshank _ v Jaden King _ – John dormie 3 but Jaden played well to finish

Will Morse 1 v Adrien Joly 0 (2/1) Ð Will held off good young player off 8

Colin Scott Malden 0 v Ben Steiner 1 (5/4) Ð Ben good throughout

James Alexander 1 v Kushe Saggi 0 (1 up) Ð James steady

Jamie Joshua 1 v Tim Kashirin 0 (5/3) Ð Jamie in control throughout

3/5 v 4.5 overnight


Greensomes (under handicap) Sunday pm

Tusa and Guy Winkworth 1 v Dickman and Steiner 0 (2 up) Ð School 4 up after 6 so great fight back

John Sanders and Scott Malden 1 v King and Ollie Meek 0 (4/3) Ð old men in control (made birdie 3 gross at 7th)

Bonsall and Cruickshank 1 v Joly and Saggi 0 (1 up) Ð lucky win as oppo missed on 18th from 3 feet having played really well throughout

Joshua and Michael Hargrove 1 v Tristan Gauthier and Kashirin 0 (3/1) Ð Kashirin let down by partner. Hargrove cricketer but now a golfer too off 18.

8 v 0 (Aldington rules give 2 points for greensomes)

Overall: 11.5 v 4.5 (Bit unlucky for School as very close most of the way and top of order is now really promising)

Trying to get match back to end September for next year