OWGS Vs RWNGC (Worlington) – Thursday October 3, 2019

Hurricane Lorenzo spared us and a hard-fought morning resulted in the OWs just failing to win the match, before settling down to lunch. Points were secured by Fell and Raison and by Fisher and Roskill, the latter from 2 down and three to play. Points were not quite secured by N. Scott-Malden and Davy, J. Dinwiddy and Ham and C. Dinwiddy and Threlfall (who joined us from Worlington to allow Myrtle to play with William Sporborg for Worlington. As this implies, the organisation was cunning but unfortunately not cunning enough to secure victory. A competitive side of Ward, Wykes, Yandell, Howick, Dalzell, Yendell, Sporborg, Myrtle, Latham and Gardner proved too much to handle. A convivial lunch was followed by some competitive pm games where I learnt that a handicap of 41 allows William Sporborg some scope to crush his opposition and wondered if the option of a post-prandial nap chosen by some others would have been more sensible. 

It is a very civilised fixture and the new changing rooms allow an improved space to don the lunchtime wardrobe. We are trying to work out the permutations for the next match a match but perhaps 18 and lunch for half the side and a full day for the other half might play better to our afternoon strengths.  

Chris Fell, Match Manager