Winchester WIN The Halford Hewitt

Dear fellow OW golfers

It gives me enormous pleasure to tell you that Winchester are the proud winners of the 2018 Halford Hewitt Cup.

Now thereÕs a sentence that I expect many of you never anticipated reading.Ê But the team of ten outstanding Old Wkyehamist golfers won this most prestigious tournament through talent, preparation and determination.

For those of you who might not know, the Hewitt, as itÕs commonly known began in 1924 and Winchester, whilst beaten finalists in the inaugural competition and winners in 1948, have not been finalists since.

64 schools began play on Thursday last week and the Old Wykehamist team, represented by James Cameron, Claudio Consul, Mark Coulman, Tom Hawkings, Nick Holt, Tim Lewis, Jack Keating, Richard Sanders, Dino Varkey and Jay Varkey won through 5 rounds to face Ampleforth in the final on Sunday afternoon; duly dispatched by 4/1.

The messages of congratulation for this wonderful team have been pouring in Ð and all have commented that this was no fluke win, no question of a team playing well on the day.Ê This was the best group of school golfers in the 64 assembled, and all performing at the top of their games.Ê In winning, we lost five games only in 6 rounds, went down the 18th only twice and once only into extra holes.

This email would be pages long if I was to recount the long hitting, nerveless putting and all-round teamwork that generated such a success.Ê But thatÕs not the point.

I simply wanted to let you all know of the great success and to recommend you to raise a glass to these wonderful golfers and to the architect of their success: David Wybar, whose history of OWGS in the Hewitt runs to 136 pages and now needs an update!

Golf in the school is receiving unprecedented support and focus at present Ð and itÕs all the more wonderful to have a platform for success that those new OW golfers may hope to enjoy long into the future.

Congratulations and thanks to James, Claudio, Mark, Tom, Nick, Tim, Jack, Richard, Dino and Jay and to the unflagging support of your President and DKW.Ê We toast your success and salute you!