OW v Old Etonians – Saturday 19th October

Many thanks to David Ham for running this match…

OWÕs v Old Etonians

Rye: Sat Oct 19th

A highly enjoyable golfing day against the Old Etonians ended in gathering gloom and on a knife-edge last Saturday at Rye as the final match went to the 18th     with the OW pair of Francis Elton and Mark Harris needing to halve or win for the OWÕs to take the match. In the dark, the latter were not able to see the flight of their first three shots, but their opponents then proceeded to lose two balls in consecutive  shots Ð one on the clubhouse roof !- before the hole was conceded and we had won the match by 5_ to 4_.

It was a fitting end to a great day of golf in dry and sunny weather with the OWÕs, thanks mainly to Christian Portz, fielding a rather younger side than usual and squaring the 5 morning matches. The afternoon saw Christian and Will Rowley win the only match of the afternoon with all the other four being halved to achieve the first OW victory in this match for several years.

It is becoming a particularly enjoyable dayÕs golf with all the usual delights of Rye and the added advantage that each side increasingly fields the same players so that they know each other better each year Ð and can reminisce on previous encounters!