My two years as Captain of the OWGS has passed incredibly quickly, and I have enjoyed (almost) every minute of it. I have tried very hard to play in every match at least once over my two-year stint, but have not managed a 100% success rate. At least my playing record in 2013 has improved a bit on 2012, having played 14 matches in 7 fixtures, with a tally of 6 wins, 6 losses and 2 matches halved.

My abiding memories, apart from two wonderful July weekends at Royal St George’s, are of my first and last matches as Captain. My first match in February last year was against Bradfield at Sunningdale in February, and started at -8°C – the New Course was surprisingly playable at that temperature. But I saved my best golf till last at a sun-drenched Royal Worlington in October, where Chris Fell and I played the last 10 holes in level par (I will draw a veil over the first eight holes).

One particularly disappointing aspect of the year was the fact that four matches had to be cancelled, because we could not raise a team. I would urge all Members to look at the Fixture List and get in touch with the Match Captain if you want to play in any particular fixture. Apart from the obvious competitions, such as the Halford Hewitt and Grafton Morrish, virtually all our matches are friendly affairs, giving a great opportunity for any Member to play fantastic courses in like-minded company. There is no handicap limit, and we would love it if more Members were to take part, particularly more of the younger Members. Please do not be put off by the potential cost, as there is a fund available, which is used to subsidise the cost for younger Members – just apply to the Match Manager.

During my time as Captain there have been three significant developments relating to golf at the School, although I can only claim partial credit for one of them, as part of the Committee which authorised the expenditure of £20,000 of the Society’s funds on the new artificial putting green and practice nets at the School. This should enable golfers at the School to sharpen up their short game, which should be of great benefit.

Of perhaps even greater significance in the long term is the setting up of a Golf Bursary Fund through the enormous generosity of Sanders Sen (John) and Jun (Richard). There are already two recipients of bursaries at the School, and over time this should provide a steady stream of potential Hewitt players, who might otherwise never have even thought of going to Win Coll.

The third development is the appointment by the School of a specialist golfer as Master in Charge of golf. Rob Moore, a 3-handicap golfer and Olympic hockey player, has now been in place for over a year, and his influence will no doubt continue to grow.



Hockley Golf Club


Our first Autumn Meeting, held at Hockley in September, was a great success, with teams from OWGS, the School and Hockley involved. In 2014 we will be doing our bit to help Hockley celebrate their Centenary. From our point of view the centrepiece of this will be a match at Hockley on Saturday 28 June. We hope to have a four-cornered match, with teams from OWGS, the School, the Dons and Hockley.

We have invited Tim Brooke-Taylor (C 54-58) both to play in the match and to be the guest of honour at the dinner, which will follow the match. This should be a very special occasion. Please get in touch with me if you would like to play in this fixture.

Captain’s Summary


Match results are now recorded on our website www.owgs.info, which also contains much other useful information about the Society. Match Managers are encouraged to send in Match Reports to Nick Holt on nick.holt@barclays.com.

It was another disappointing year in the Halford Hewitt, despite high hopes as a result of what looked like a favourable draw against Westminster in the first round, to whom we had never lost in four previous meetings. Unfortunately the order of play was critical, with our strongest pair (Claudio Consul and Dino Varkey) matched against their weakest pair in Game 4. In the event we went down 3 matches to 2. It was some consolation that we did well in the Plate, reaching the semi-final, only to lose 2-1 to the Leys. We also lost in the second round of the Grafton Morrish (having had a bye in the first), going down 3-0 to a strong team from Sutton Valence.

In the Bernard Darwin we had the misfortune to meet Tonbridge in the first round, and duly went down 2 ½ to ½ (the half was a bit generous, as my brother and I were 3 down with 3 to play at the time, when the other matches had ended!). A similar fate befell our Senior Darwin team, who were also drawn against Tonbridge – a very unlucky draw in both competitions. At least in 2014 we should have easier draws against Marlborough and Uppingham respectively.

Looking to the future, the development of golf at the School looks to be in very good shape, with the appointment of the new Master in Charge, the provision of the new practice facilities and the setting up of the Golf Bursary. This should also benefit the Society, with a flow of good new golfers providing us with new blood. We have to continue with our efforts to encourage those leaving the School to join the Society, and to encourage particularly younger golfers to play in our matches. No matter what your standard is, as long as you have a handicap, you will be very welcome to get in touch with the Match Managers, if you would like to play in any of the fixtures.

Lastly I would like to thank all those who have had to partner me over the last two years for their forbearance, and particularly to thank the Match Managers for all their hard work over the year. I wish all Members a successful and enjoyable 2014, and would like to offer your new Captain, David Wybar, my congratulations on his appointment and my best wishes for his two-year tenure.

Nyren Scott-Malden

Captain, OWGS

December 2013